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Inik designs is your all-in-one marketing designer in South Louisiana.  With Inik designs, you find a graphic designer, website designer, UX/UI designer, photographer, and film maker all in one place.

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Individual Approach

One of our most frequent compliments we receive is our personable approach and easy to work with personalities.

Modern Technologies

We have invested in the best equipment on the market to help capture your company’s story. You can rest assured knowing everything we produce for you will be top notch.

Creative Designs

Designing is what we do, and it is where we are at our best! With a simplistic and clean approach, we focus on visual content to help sell your company.  In today’s fast-moving world, you need a beautiful design with minimal distractions and eye catching content.

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Web Design

Your website is so important to your business because it is often the first impression a customer has with you and your company. With UX/UI (User Experience & Interface) experience, we design the perfect website that will target your exact target audience.

Design Material

Logos, brochures, hand outs, and any other design needs are available to you with Inik Designs.  Whether you are starting your business from scratch or looking to rebrand, we are here to guide you all the way through it.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing campaigns are important to help keep your business on the minds of your customers. We plan and execute unique strategies for your company to help target your specific clients. Email campaigns, social media managements, facebooks ads and google Adwords are among some of the common marketing approaches we will discuss.


We have years of professional photography experience to help capture beautiful company photos from staff photos, to environment pictures, to product photography.

Film Production

Whether you need a commercial, company overview, testimonials, or social media content, we can produce high quality results that are sure to impress your customers.


SEO helps get you seen on GOOGLE and other search engines.  We are able to help manage and coach you along to help ensure your company rises on the search listings.

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Have a project for us?
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Stephen Byrne

Economist. Business owner.

Stephen Byrne was born and raised in Southern California. He graduated college in 2013 from Liberty University with a degree in Psychology. Stephen moved to Haiti and lived in the mission field for 2.5 years doing design work for the ministry he lived at. There, he also met his (now) fiancé,Sarah and moved back to America in 2015 with her and her Haitian daughter. Stephen names his company Inik designs which is Haitian Creole for “UNIQUE DESIGNS”.

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First Contact

This is all about getting to know one another and hearing about your business goals. We want to make sure we are both on the same page moving forward.

Discussion & Planning

In this stage, we will go into more details and begin laying out a game plan to execute your goals. In most cases I will begin a simple design concept to help you get a visual on where we want to take your company.
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Final Strategy

Here we finalize the strategies and hammer out the final details before beginning the major design work.

Design Process

Here is where the design and content creation really gets going. We leave you to run your business while we focus on designing the perfect site/ content for your business. This is the stage where you get to see us work our real magic!


UX/UI design means a job is never completely done. If you want, we can continue the user experience design to always be making sure your business is on the front lines of technology trends.



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