About - Inik Designs
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Learn More About I Am


INIKĀ is Haitian Creole for the word, “Unique”


A 26 year old designer. Living his dream.

So, why use Haitian Creole in your company name? Well, I lived in Haiti and served at a ministry there for a few years, and absolutely fell in love with the place. I coached all of the sports for the school and orphanage as well as handled their design and marketing material, and their new website. Thats actually where I learned to do the website design aspect of Inik Designs. Learning to build a website (from another missionary there) in 100% humidity and no Air Conditioner, with the SLOWEST internet you could even imagine (when it worked) will inspire you to learn quickly. Despite those difficulties, I really loved it. I have done photography and videography for years, so being able to fit all of my skills into one place is how Inik Designs started.

I grew up in Southern California, but I recently moved to Lafayette, Louisiana to be closer to my amazing girlfriend and a beautiful baby girl she brought back from Haiti on a Medical Visa. These two girls are my world, and if you get the opportunity to meet them, you will quickly see why!